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2012 CNCF Cayfest Online Photography Competition

May 30th, 2012

2012 CNCF Cayfest Online Photography Competition

My 2nd Place winning entry in the Conceptual Category of the 2012 Cayman National Cultural Foundation Online Photography Competition.-Amar Sheow

First International Biennal Of The Cayman Islands May Throught June

May 20th, 2012

First International Biennal Of The Cayman Islands  May Throught June

Carribean and Latin American Art Exhibition opens at the the Grand
Cayman Marriott Hotel
The Cayman Marriott has launched a series of art shows that constrast art from throughout the Caribbean and Latin America.
The objective of the shows are to highlight a number artists paintings which are leading New Realists and important in progressive art in general.
The show presents artworks by Claudio Gallina( born Argentina,1964) for the first time in a Caribbean show.
Memory Zones by the artist explores the intuitive faculties of children in school.
Sculptures by Turks and Caicos artist, Jason Cullen add an Eastern Caribbean perspective to the exhibit.
Two works "Tao Chi & Red Cherry" by Caymanian photographer Amar Sheow will be featured.
Also featured will be works by Janet Walker,a Cayman artist who references both in Cayman and beyond its borders. Walker...

Changes Brings Biggest Ever Art Show To Cayman

February 21st, 2012

Changes Brings Biggest Ever Art Show To Cayman

February 21, 2012 By Christopher Tobutt
Cayman INEWS

Curator and Artist, Nickola McCoy-Snell
They say size isn’t everything…. But artist and curator Nickola McCoy-Snell thinks her latest exhibition is the biggest the country has every seen.
Changes is the name of an art show opening on Thursday evening upstairs at Woods Furniture store.

Ms McCoy-Snell said: “It’s an abstract and contemporary art exhibition and features 13 local artists. The show’s theme centres around ‘changes,’ as its name suggests – whether it’s physical changes, spiritual changes or mood changes. We are exhibiting in 4,400 square feet, which makes it the largest exhibition space ever curated on Island.”

There are some works by artists who haven’t exhibited on such a large scale before, such as a bold new series of large paintings by local art teacher Lorna Reid. In the new exhibition Ms. Reid uses a full spectrum of colour to explore the world between figurative and...

Ringing The Changes In The Cayman Islands

February 18th, 2012

Ringing The Changes In The Cayman Islands

Ringing the Changes
By: Natasha Were |
17 February, 2012
Venture upstairs at Woods Furniture and Design beginning 23 February and you will find the showroom has become part art gallery.

Woods asked Nickola McCoy Snell, artist and owner of Arteccentrix Gallery, to curate a series of exhibitions for them in the showroom and the first of these, titled Changes, opens on Thursday.

Changes is a group show featuring 14 local artists, who all fall into the abstract and contemporary categories. There will be sculptures from Al Ebanks and Scott Swing in addition to paintings by Avril Ward, Amar Sheow, Randy Chollette, Renate Seffer, Nasaria Scukoo-Chollette, Robert McKendrick, Nancy Murphy, Leigh Pawling, Lorna Reid, Gordon Solomon, Steve Jocelyn and Nickola Snell.

The exhibition will feature some works from these artists that have rarely been exhibited before and must be less than two years old. In addition, Nickola has asked 50...

Arteccentrix Keeps Moving

January 11th, 2012

Arteccentrix Keeps Moving

Arteccentrix keeps moving
By: Joe Shooman |
30 December, 2011
Independent gallery Arteccentrix has had a fruitful and varied 2011 and 2012 looks set to be similarly innovative.

“We hosted a total of three fine art exhibitions,” said Nicklola McCoy-Snell, “introducing for the first time to the local art scene fine art photographer Amar Sheow whose works are even now creating an island-wide buzz through the many design houses.

“Arteccentrix also presented the largest showing of works by sculptor Scott Swing, with some controversial and exotically charged works in last group exhibition which was held in November of this year. We also hosted the final and last collection of the works of now deceased artist Susan Widmer. The gallery has been selected by the family of the late Sue Widmer to be the only venue through which retailers and wholesalers can have access to fine art prints of Sue’s works.”

Shifting operations
The gallery...

Waves Made With Eclectic Art

November 8th, 2011

Waves Made With Eclectic Art

Arteccentrix’s new group exhibition, Making Waves, certainly looks set to cause a stir with a highly eclectic collection of works from eight very different artists.

“There is some really diverse and exotic material in this exhibition. I didn’t want to just have one medium represented. The way I see it, if I am going to have to live with it for the next few months, it’s got to be interesting enough to make me want to come in to work every day,” said Nickola McCoy, the gallery owner, who will also be exhibiting some of her own work.

In addition to well established names such as Gordon Solomon, Greg Lipton and Nickola McCoy, Making Waves will introduce a brand new artist to the Cayman Islands: Amar Sheow.

“This will be the fist time Amar has been in any kind of show, anywhere. His work mixes abstract with digital photography. He takes a really interesting subject matter and turns it into an abstract painting,” said Nickola.

There will also be...

Amar Sheow How It Is Done

August 15th, 2011

Amar Sheow How It Is Done

Photographic artist Amar Sheow first got involved in photography when he was around eight years old and naturally curious. However, things were a bit different equipment-wise in those days.
“At that time the Kodak Brownie, which used spooled film, was popular,” he tells Weekender.
Amar’s website, is where people are increasingly heading to buy his fabulous digital art photography. Stylistically, he tells us, it is often difficult to categorise where artists may lie.
“Art is subjective to artist, region, and the individual viewer’s appreciation. Based upon the evolution of my own work in abstract, minimalism and surrealism, appreciation for and interest in various art forms is an acquired taste.
“My work is digital art photography leaning towards abstract, and minimalism. It is interesting to note that all my work to date has been photographed and processed on Grand Cayman, and is not atypical of local, mainstream works currently being...